Mississippi to Tennessee

The Double Letter States

On our way back north we crossed through two states we had already driven through on our trip: Mississippi and Tennessee. These I refer to as the double letter states because they both have so many repeating letters and as a result are challenging to type / spell.


After exploring the banks of the Mississippi River we made a quick trip (without taking pictures) through Mississippi. If I had a regret from that time it was not being able to stop at a Blues museum we saw on the way toward Tennessee, but I did have some good blues music playing as we made our way shortly through the small section of Mississippi toward Memphis.


While driving back into Tennessee we had one real objective, and that was to stop in Nashville as we pressed on toward Kentucky. By the time we got into Tennessee we had already been driving for quite a while (we started this day off in Arkansas, which I talked about in the last post), so by the time we got to Nashville it was already 6:30pm, and the sun was beginning to set. We got off the highway and headed over to Cumberland Park, parked out car, and explored a bit. Ironically, and luckily, there was a train track by the park which was perfect for ‘The Underground Railroad’. We took a few pictures and then let Hobbes play in the park as the sun set.


After enjoying our time in Cumberland Park and racing down the slides a few times we decided to walk across the ‘John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge’ and to see what there was to eat on the other side. Having missed the concert rush we ended up in Sun Diner all by ourselves. This was nice for having a 1 1/2 year old with us. We wondered if the man who served us was the owner. He was super kind and gave us yogurt with berries for Hobbes at no extra charge. We ordered some amazing burgers and looked at all the pictures hanging on the walls. The diner had a memorable layout that seemed unique compared to what I’m used to. After a while we boxed up some of our food, got a coffee to-go and headed out again. Sadly, the Johnny Cash museum was closed by the time we got there, but either way it was a fun pit-stop on our road trip.

Later that night we stopped just outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky, just in time for the hockey game that was on that night.


  • The traffic in Memphis was crazy and a bit scary, I sure was glad to get out of there!
  • There is a tower in Nashville that looks like ‘Barad-dûr’ from Lord of the Rings. It was kind of cool and kind of creepy – especially with the setting sun just behind it.
  • Hobbes loved Cumberland Park. It was a cool little park between two awesome bridges on the waterfront. Altogether, Nashville was a really cool city!
  • Sun Diner’s burgers were amazing!!

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