The Final Adventure

I have always admired Bill Watterson, the creator of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’, for not only how inspiring his art was, but for the way that he went about creating. Not only did he decide to never merchandise his characters, and to fight for more space to create, but he also chose when would be the best time end his comic strip. After 10 years of an amazing comic, still at the height of popularity, he decided to bring ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ to a close with this final comic:


He decided that what was most important to him wasn’t selling more comics or gaining more popularity, but leaving behind something that people would look back on fondly. In this one comic is a world that both ends and begins all over again, all because Bill Watterson decided not to drag his comic out, but to end it well.

I’ve often thought about all of this in the past. So often it’s too easy to do something just because you think you might gain recognition or because people like it so much. I know this is especially hard for me. I love to inspire people and to make them laugh, but at times I spend way too much time obsessing over what people will say in response to what I do. I want to keep creating, but don’t think about what it would look like end something well.

This November marks 10 years of weird / crazy adventures with my Orange Chair and over 100 books read. It would be so easy to keep going, to milk it until it is dry, but I know that all things must come to an end and I want this to end well.

These Orange Chair Adventures have brought so much to me: inspiration to adventure, motivation to read, funny comments, new acquittances, boldness and laughter. But there is so much more I want to create, experience, and experiment with. So, after much thought and debate, I’ve decided that this will be The Orange Chair’s final year – ‘The Final Adventure’.

It is always sad to end something that one has poured so much into, but I am excited for this final year! I have a lot of crazy adventures, locations and books planned, and I’m excited to be able to continue to share them all with you.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next month for more about where The Orange Chair will go on it’s Final Adventure!

– Jeremiah