The History of the Orange Chair

The Beginning

The Orange Chair used to belong to a mentor of mine. Back in 2007, when he was updating his basement, he told me how he planned to throw the chair away. It was a strange color, but for some reason during our conversation I told him, ‘Don’t throw it away, I’ll take it.’ What followed was the strange process of strapping this orange chair into the trunk of my Plymouth Neon – half sticking out – and driving it home.

When I arrived home I decided that it might be fun to take  some pictures with it outside before I took it up to my room. And thus first photoshoot was taken:


The Birth of an Idea

For some time after this not much really became of the chair, but one unusually warm day I decided that it would be nice to read a book outside in a comfortable chair. So, in the January 2008 I took my chair outside and began reading ‘Great Expectations’.  Then, thinking it was quite humorous I took this picture and posted it on Facebook:


To my surprise, comments began pouring in:

“I love that chair and this picture.”

“That is a cool picture!”

“Umm.. can I just say that you have the sweetest pics ever!”

“This picture makes Jeremiah more of a man.”

I’m not sure if I simply got a big head from the experience, or if I just enjoyed the comical remarks, but I decided to take my chair outside a few more times that year for photos, to enjoy a campfire and to watch TV…



But, little did I know that in the year of 2008 the birth of an idea would begin to take shape, an idea that wasn’t realized until 2009 in Lancaster, PA.

Literature and Travel

In 2009, my senior year at college, I finally had a opportunity to bring The Orange Chair with me at my dorm at Lancaster Bible College. My Plymouth Neon was not suitable for transporting the chair – as I realized trying to get it home the first time – so I asked my parent’s to bring it with them at the start of my Spring Semester. Mostly, while it was there the chair stayed in my dorm – both in my room and at times beneath the stairs, my friend Eric even used it as a place to sit as my made phone calls. Toward the end of my college experience, however, it would venture out once again, unbeknownest to me.


During my time at LBC I worked in the library, and ended up with a lot more free time than I expected. There was a shelf there with cheap used books that I would buy, and every time I put a new novel away I’d always read the first page to see if it was interesting. My love for literature began to grow and blossom during this time, and I found myself reading books between classes for pleasure. So it didn’t seem all that surprising that in May of 2009 I decided to find an out-of-the-way location and take a picture (yet again) while reading a book.

The book this time was ‘Don Quixote’ which I had just received for Christmas that past year. At first I was just going to sit out on our front steps of my dorm, but then suddenly I decided to walk down our bike trail (nearly a mile) to an obscure spot for some photos. It was the first time people asked why I was walking around with a chair on my head and book in my hand. From this point on I would always take the chair out-of-the-way and be reading a new book:


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